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Dealing with Life Changes



Dealing with Life Changes          By Nancy Minnich Manubay

Why is change so difficult? It is, at least, for the majority of us. In the Webster’s new world pocket dictionary from ages ago, the definition of change is: 1. Substitute. 2. Exchange. 3. Alter/vary.  Doesn’t sound so scary doesn’t? Granted, this is an abbreviated definition, but nevertheless, I think the majority of people find change difficult. And as we age, it often becomes even harder.

I think change is difficult because it is much easier to stay stuck in the same routine day after day. One of the reasons I think we resist change is out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure.

I had just started a blog on depression and anxiety, and when I was developing this topic, I wrote that I was feeling fear at that very moment. I was afraid because putting me and all my stuff “out there” was way out of my comfort zone. It still is.

But what I found over the years is that once you get over that initial fear and push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone, the reward is usually well worth the effort. Sometimes life doesn’t take you where you expect to go, but getting there just may be a gift.

I am a self-proclaimed expert on moving. This last move was my 15th move and I can tell you that it does not get any easier. When I first moved here I didn’t know my way around and I was intimidated by everything.

I’d left my job, my friends, my good neighbors of almost 5 years. I cried pretty much every day and soon became very depressed, so much so that one day, I thought I might become a danger to myself. I looked out of my window that day. I could see everything, but hear nothing. Talk about scary.

With the help of my doctor, my fiancée, and a therapist I worked through most of these issues, and two years later I was almost back to my old self. Now, if I am afraid to go out of my comfort zone, I take a deep breath and do it anyway!  ~Nancy