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A New Beginning & Living with Depression

A New Beginning & Living with Depression        By Nancy Minnich Manubay


The goal of my blog is to share my experience with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks with others, so that you will know that you are not alone and there is hope. This post was from June 5, 2012, which was about two weeks before my wedding.

For this reason, I endured many life-changing events in a very brief period. Buying a house, selling a house in a market that sucked at the time, moving to a new area, leaving my job of 10 years, planning a wedding. What was I thinking? I was, admittedly, not wonder woman, although my alter ego would beg to differ.

Tuesdays at one was my usual therapy session day and time. I thought it would be an appropriate title for my story. I will try to share some of my experiences and the tools and techniques that my then therapist taught me. One of those tools was journaling, hence the blog.

Journaling help me to get everything out there, good or bad. Writing your thoughts down, non-judgmentally. Then you can take a thought such as “I am a total failure”, and try to “turn it around”.

When you really think about a statement like that, is it really true? Are you really a failure at everything? Probably not. So, you counteract the first statement with a second, more positive statement such as “well I am good at _______”, and then fill in the blank with what you are good at.

Over the years, I have met some nice people here through running. They each have their own stories to tell about health and well-being. They continue to remind me that we should think of our health as that which is fluid, and includes mind, body, and spirit. ~Nancy